Firing Services

We’re happy to offer both bisquing and glazing drop off firing services in our electric kilns. We will fire your pots for you. You can purchase space by shelf or full kiln.

*Single shelf rentals are not available in the Summer. Full Kilns only*

Please read the information below before submitting your form.

Customers must know the clay’s firing temperature (cone#), the type of glaze you are using/what temperature (cone#) it matures at, and make sure it is a good fit for the clay.

Pieces over 8” tall count as two full shelves, pieces over 16” tall count as three shelves of space.

Southern Star will only fire up to cone 6. We only fire oxidation in an electric kiln.

Pieces must be completely dry before firing. Do not bring them here to dry, we don't have the shelf space available. We are not responsible for any cracking, warping, etc.

If your work takes up more space than you originally asked for, we will do our best to fit it in the kiln, but you will be charged for another shelf. If you are in a rush and need your work back by a specific date, we recommend renting a full kiln.

You are responsible for the cost of any damaged shelves if your glaze runs and sticks to the shelf ($25 for a half shelf - $50 for a full shelf)

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